About US


Battilana Nutrición S.A.C.
begins operations in the Peruvian
livestock market.

Battilana Nutrición is a leading company in animal nutrition that provides innovative products and cutting-edge consulting to serve our clients’ sustainable development needs.

About us

Established in 1993, Battilana Nutrición began importing and trading Bolivian soy by-products to address the Peruvian market’s animal nutritional needs.

In 1998, our product line started offering milk replacers for dairy cattle, swine and poultry. Since then, the company has provided quality products and services to the livestock industry in Peru.

We now offer more than 200 innovative products to every major livestock area in Peru and our team is comprised by highly trained and skilled professionals who are committed to your animal nutritional program success.




Battilana Nutrition has the mission of offering high added value products and providing cutting-edge technical consulting services aimed at the sustainable development of our clients and as an organization continuously improve efficiently and innovatively.


To be the leading company in 2021 in the national animal nutrition market, with international projection of innovative products and promoting the continuous development of our collaborators committed to social and environmental responsibility.